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The Pest: All Nuisance Fly Species
The Control: Fly Parasites

   Anywhere nuisance flies are breeding - in compost piles, manure, livestock bedding, etc., Fly Parasites go to work fast!

   Application: Sprinkle Fly Parasites around areas where manure tends to build up, such as bedding areas, feeding areas, watering areas, & along fences. 15,000 treats several head of livestock, or numerous rabbits, chickens or other small animals. Apply at least once a month for continuing control. More often for severe problems or larger ranches. Our mix of parasite species controls most pest flies, including House, Stable, Face, Blow and Horn flies.

The Pest: Ants

   Special Species Notes: Ants in your garden don't damage your plants directly, but they are so fond of the sweet honeydew produced by Scales, Mealybugs and especially Aphids, that they actually herd them from plant to plant to encourage greater honeydew production. Ants also defend their captive herds against the natural predators you introduce, so it's important to control Ants where Hired Bugs are being used.

Fly Parasite Hatches from a Fly Pupae
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Fly Parasites Attack Pest Flies Where They Breed

Fly Parasites Attack and Kill Pest Flies

Fly Parasites (mixed species)
Please call 541-245-6033 to order.
15,000 Please call 541-245-6033 to order.
60,000 Please call 541-245-6033 to order.
180,000 Please call 541-245-6033 to order.
Click Here For Fly Parasite FACT SHEET & Release Instructions
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