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BugCam features streaming video of various "good bugs" eating "bad" bugs, live 24 hours a day from our store in Medford, Oregon. If screen below is blank, please allow as much as 60 seconds for first image to appear. If cam still doesn't show properly, click here for a 10-Second Refresh version.

Cam features Ladybugs Hippodamia convergens

Each Ladybug Eats
Up To 1,500 Aphids!

1,500 / $9.99 Temporarily unavailable.
4,500 / $21.99 Temporarily unavailable.
18,000 / $45.99 Temporarily unavailable.
72,000 / $140.99 Temporarily unavailable.

Todays BugCam features Ladybugs, some of our most beloved of beneficial insects, living in a small screened aquarium. A watering source and Beneficial Insect Food feeding station are positioned off-camera. Plants used for decoration are whatever we had handy at the time, with aphids provided as an additional food source when available (but aphids never last for long here!). Many Ladybugs also routinely escape to freedom, and are replenished as needed.

Want to save a particular BugCam image? Click here for a manual-refresh .jpg file you can save (keep pressing "refresh" until you get an image you like). Have you saved an especially interesting BugCam photo? Send it to us at for possible inclusion in a coming page of BugCam favorites!

We ship live Ladybugs to gardeners and other Ladybug-lovers almost year-round, for overnight and two-day delivery. Each Ladybug eats up to 1500 aphids and other similar-sized insect pests. Ladybugs are commonly regarded as symbols of "good luck", too.

For more Ladybug information, please visit the links below:

Click Here For Ladybug FACT SHEET & Release Instructions

Click Here For Info on Aphids and Our Most Effective Aphid Controls

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