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The Pest: Caterpillars

   First Sign: Chunks chewed right out of leaves. You may also see little piles of fecal material scattered about. Look closer and you'll detect worm-like larvae crawling slowly around, feeding. Corn Earworm, Cabbage Looper, Tomato Hornworm and other such pests have one thing in common - they're all the offspring of various moths and butterflies and are controlled similarly.

Most Effective Control:
Caterpillar Parasites

   Amazing Caterpillar Parasites (Trichogramma species) control over 200 species of Caterpillars, making them the most popular bio-control in the world. They're so tiny (1/50" from wingtip to wingtip) you probably won't even see them. They work by laying their eggs inside moth or butterfly eggs so that, instead of a new generation of Caterpillars, another Parasite generation hatches out and goes on to repeat the cycle.

   Application: For best results, Parasites should be released when Pest Moths or their Caterpillars are first seen, and further releases continued weekly or bi-weekly until Caterpillars are no longer present. Use 5,000 - 25,000 per acre, depending on the level of infestation. Caterpillar Parasites come as eggs ready to hatch. 5,000 eggs glued to a small piece of cardboard. Placed around the garden, they'll hatch and breed from there.

   Handy Hint: Hired Bugs crawl around a lot more than their prey. That means they get more exposure to pesticides - which is one reason Hired Bugs die from pesticide exposure so easily. And why it's really important to be sure your plants are pesticide free before applying Hired Bugs .
Caterpillars and Foliage Worms
click to enlarge
& Foliage "Worms"

Caterpillar Parasite Trichogramma Wasp
click to enlarge
Caterpillar Parasite
attacking a moth egg

Caterpillar Parasites
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Caterpillar Parasites arrive as eggs ready to hatch
3,000 Please call 541-245-6033 to order.
15,000 Please call 541-245-6033 to order.
30,000 Please call 541-245-6033 to order.
Click Here For Caterpillar Parasite FACT SHEET & Release Instructions
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