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Feltiella acarisuga TARGET PEST:
     Two Spotted Spider-Mite (Tetranychus urticae)
     Carmine Spider-Mite (Tetranychus cinnabarinus)
     European Red-Mite (Panonychus Ulmi)

DEVELOPMENT STAGES: Egg - 4 Larval Stages - Pupa - Adult

IDENTIFICATION: This pink-brown Predatory Midge gets about 1/12” (2mm) long. The antennae of the male insect are covered with long hairs, while those of the female are shorter and thicker. The eggs are clear and 1/100” (.25mm) long. The larvae are creamy yellow-brown and 1/100” - 1/12” (.25 - 2mm) long. The pupae can be found inside the white cocoons along the veins of the leaves.

MODE OF ACTION: The female adult lays the eggs inside spider-mite colonies. The larvae begin to prey on the spider-mites immediately after hatching. Young larvae feed mainly on spider-mite eggs and older larvae feed on all stages of the mites. The larvae eat about 50 spider-mites before pupating.

RELEASE RATE: For a mild infestation release 500 - 1000 per acre. For a severe infestation release 1000 per acre plus an additional 250 per major “hot-spot”.

PACKAGING: Feltiella acarisuga is delivered in a small plastic release unit with over 250 pupae from which at least 250 midges will emerge.

RELEASE METHOD: Open self-contained release unit and hang close to the spider-mite hotspots. Protect from direct sunlight by placing in a shaded area.

OVI-STIM: Ovi-Stim is key to unlocking the potential of Feltiella. The spray provides a food source for the adult midges, which encourages them to stay near the point of release instead of dispersing in the crop, increasing the chances of successful mating. Ovi-Stim comes with every order of Feltiella. Shake well and lightly spray Ovi-Stim on the upper surface of all infested plants near release unit. Spraying the entire crop will nulify any benefit. Re-apply spray every 1-2 days until adult midges “hatch”. Ovi-Stim is perishable and may only be stored in refrigeration for up to 1 week.

RESULTS: 2-3 weeks after the introduction, the first white cocoons can be seen on the underside of the leaves. Dead, shriveled up spider-mites can be seen near the cocoons.

STORAGE: Introduce the Feltiella as soon as possible after receipt. Storage is not recommended. If storage is absolutely necessary, keep them cool (46-50 F).

REMARKS: Feltiella acarisuga works well with Spider-Mite Predators and should always be combined with Triple Threat or another variety of Predator Mite. Feltiella acarisuga will spread fast through the crop thanks to its flying abilities. Even though Feltiella is less sensitive to a low humidity than Spider-Mite Predators, higher humidity will make it easier for Feltiella to get established in the crop. Feltiella acarisuga will enter diapause in the wintertime.

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