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FLY PARASITES FACT SHEET & Release Instructions

(mixed species)

Fly Parasites kill pest flies by laying their eggs inside living fly pupae, which then hatch and eat the pupae (how cruel, if it wasn't a fly)! Fly species effectively controlled include the common house fly, stable fly, blow fly, face fly, and horn fly, along with many others. Parasites live about 3-4 weeks, and each one kills up to 50 pest flies. Fly Parasite Emerging From A Fly PupaeFor best results a program of monthly or bi-weekly releases is recommeded, because after that pest fly populations return to regular levels. One bag of 5,000 Fly Parasites used every 2 weeks gives good control for small fly breeding areas, (2-3 head of livestock, or 25-50 poultry or rabbits, and small compost areas). Larger operations will need larger quanities and possibly more frequent releases.

Fly Parasites come mixed with sawdust to give them bulk, and will hatch within 1-10 days of arrival. Keep bag closed, in a warm place out of direct sunlight, until you start to see parasites hatching. (When bag is held up to the light, you'll start to see tiny flies walking around inside.) Sprinkle bag contents as close as possible to fly-breeding areas, concentrating on compost piles, manure piles, livestock feeding and bedding areas, and fence lines.

Fly Parasite LifecycleFly parasites travel in about a 300' area in search of fly pupae, and burrow into breeding sites. Evening is the best time for release, because direct sunlight is harmful to the parasites. If this is not convenient, sprinkle in shady areas. If release of the Parasites must be delayed for some reason, they can be stored 3-4 days in the refrigerator (keep above freezing).

Manure areas should be kept as dry as possible for best results. (Repair plumbing leaks, trim grass to increase ventilation, etc.) When manure clean-out time comes, clean only half (every other row), and wait at least 2 weeks to clean out the other half. This disturbs fly parasites the least, and keeps them from having to start a new population all over again.

Pesticide sprays should be avoided around Fly Parasites. Even spraying for adult flies can kill off the Parasites, unless it's done well away from fly breeding sites. Use commercially available fly traps for controlling the adult flies.

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