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(Hypoaspis sp.)

Fungus Gnat Predators (Hypoaspis predatory soil mites) feed mostly on the young larvae of fungus gnats but also on other small soil-dwelling creatures including thrips, mites, and springtails, and when times get really hard, they'll eat algae and plant debris.Sprinkle Fungus Gnat Predators Onto Soil Surface Predators typically eat 1-5 prey per day. Just one release is usually enough to get them started for season-long control.

Fungus gnat predators come mixed with a pasteurized peat mixture, in a shaker-lid container. To apply, sprinkle some of the peat mixture over the soil surface throughout the growing area. Be sure to treat wet, exposed areas of soil where fungus gnats are likely to breed, including greenhouse floors if necessary. For bedding plants it's not essential to apply predators to every single flat , but apply early at a full rate to allow time for predators to spread themselves out among the plants. It's best to apply the predators as soon as they're received, but if necessary they can be held at room temperature for limited periods.

Fungus gnats cause feeding damage to roots, root disease transmission, and are a general nuisance when clouds of them fly around. Fungus gnat predators work best when applied while fungus gnat populations are still low, when 5000 predators treats up to 200 square feet of growing surface. Larger pest populations will require larger releases for effective control.

Predators can be seen with a 10-16X magnifier. Look for light tan colored mites moving quickly on the soil surface and at the base of plants. Males are much smaller than females, and are rarely seen. All life stages occur in the top 1/2" of soil, capillary matting or hydroponic media. Eggs hatch in about 2-3 days, and their life cycle is completed in about 11 days at 68 F. Fungus gnat predators thrive in almost any conditions except for flooding. Temperature requirements are not critical, although they'll become inactive at temperatures below 57 F.

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