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Hired Bugs are totally safe. Effective. And natural.
   Hired Bugs are not only totally safe for you and your plants, they're also safe for the environment. And they're effective on a wide variety of crops in greenhouses, indoors under lights, as well as in home gardens and in outdoor commercial field applications.

Hired Bugs never become pests themselves.
   The Hired Bugs we sell only eat other pests. They do not harm plants, people, or pets in any way. When pest populations are eliminated, your Hired Bugs will either die off or move on to find more pests to eat somewhere else.

Nothing could be easier to use than Hired Bugs!
   They're easier to apply and need far less re-application than sprays or dusts. And you simply can't overdose your plants! You'll soon be delighted with the results and you'll see for yourself: Nature's Control is real control!

Say goodbye to applying and re-applying sprays & dusts.
Hired Bugs do the job easier, safer, better!

Using Hired Bugs

   Beneficial insects have controlled insect pests for millions of years and now, with Hired Bugs from Nature's Control, you can use them in your garden, too!

   Totally safe for humans and their plants, Hired Bugs are also safe for the environment. And they're proven effective - we have many satisfied users growing in home greenhouses, and indoors under lights, as well as in commercial applications, on a variety of crops.

   The pests gradually disappear, and the beneficials thrive. When the Hired Bugs start running out of food, you can even move a few 'buggy' leaves to other plants that need help, and the Hired Bugs will crawl off to begin controlling pests on the new plants.

   You never need to worry about our Hired Bugs becoming pests themselves, because the ones we sell can only eat other pests - not plants. And when your pest populations die off, they will too - unless they find more pests to eat.

   Hired Bugs don't tolerate most pesticides very well, so it's very important not to apply residual pesticides (such as Malathion & Sevin) for at least a month before using "Hired Bugs". If you've been using pesticides click here for a chart listing recommended wait periods before applying beneficial insects. If there's any question, you might want to try some inexpensive beneficials first (such as Ladybugs) before moving on to more expensive, more targeted controls.

   Temperature and humidity can often be adjusted to favor the Hired Bugs over the pests, and close attention to recommendations will give better results. Often, these changes can be as simple as adjusting ventilation or watering routines.

   For example, increasing the humidity by increased watering or misting plants more often, or merely splashing water on the floor, will often help the Hired Bugs out, because pests usually get plenty of moisture from plant juices, and they often prefer drier conditions.

   The small amount of time you spend creating more favorable conditions for Hired Bugs will be well worth your while!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I purchase Hired Bugs for my garden?

A: See our list of resellers for a store near you. Or use our secure server to order online. Want a real human? Call our orderline at (541) 245-6033 (M-F, 8:00 - 5:00 Pacific Time), or FAX (800) 698-6250 and we'll send them directly to you.

Q: Will they be in stock?

A: We have most everything in stock all of the time, and some Hired Bugs, like Ladybugs, Praying Mantis eggs, & Predator Nematodes, are probably stocked at your local garden-supply store, too, because they store well in the refrigerator (depending on the time of year). But most other Hired Bugs don't store well and will be shipped fresh from us as soon as we receive your order. So they arrive healthy, lively, and ready to go to work right away.

Q: How fast will I get my order? My plants are covered with pest bugs!

A: You'll usually get them within 2-3 days of your order, as long as they can arrive by Friday. To insure optimum quality, we avoid delaying live shipments over the weekend. If you're in a real rush, overnight service is usually available.

Q: Do I have to pick them up at my garden store?

A: Only if you want to. They can be shipped direct to you, too, if that's what you prefer. It's the same great service either way.

Q: What can I do until my Hired Bugs come? My plants are dying!

A: Soapy sprays, such as Safers, are fine to use right up to when the Hired Bugs arrive. In fact, if the pests are really getting out of hand, this might be a good idea anyway. Hired Bugs work best when they have an early start. Order today for fastest service!

Handy Hint:  Pest infestations often show up at about the same time every Spring. Start watching a little before that time every year, so you'll catch pests early and need the fewest Hired Bugs.
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