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(Stethorus punctillum)

Spider-mite destroyers are very efficient locators of spider mite colonies in greenhouse and field crops. Actually tiny ladybugs, Sprinkle Spidermite Destroyers Onto Leavesspider-mite destroyers earn their keep by eating more than 40 mites per day as adults. Use these predators in addition to spider-mite predators (predatory mites) when spider-mite populations are especially high. Spider-mite destroyers eat all stages of spider-mites, and find new infestation sites on their own by flying. Life cycle (from egg to adult) takes about 18 days at 70F., with a total lifespan of perhaps 9 weeks. As adults, female spider-mite destroyers lay up to 15 eggs per day.

100 spider-mite destroyers is enough to get a colony of them started in an average home greenhouse, as they'll breed from there. Spider-mite destroyers are too new to have established preferred temperature ranges, but they're known to survive temperatures over 100F in field crops.

Spidermite Destroyer Lifecycle


Release adult beetles into mite infested areas and look for signs of reproduction (larvae, pupae, and adults) after four weeks. This predator is more mobile than spider-mite predators (predatory mites) but takes longer to establish, so releases of spider-mite predators should also be made into mite infested areas.

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