Fly Parasites Units of 5,000

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The Pest: All Nuisance Fly Species  
The Control: Fly Parasites  

(mix of Muscidifurax raptorellus, Muscidifurax zaraptor, and Spalangia cameroni)
Fly Parasites are available late spring through early fall

Anywhere nuisance flies are breeding - in compost piles, manure, livestock bedding, etc., Fly Parasites go to work fast!   Application: Sprinkle Fly Parasites around areas where manure tends to build up, such as bedding areas, feeding areas, watering areas, & along fences. 15,000 treats several head of livestock, or numerous rabbits, chickens or other small animals. Apply at least once a month for continuing control. More often for severe problems or larger ranches. Our mix of parasite species controls most pest flies, including House, Stable, Face, Blow and Horn flies.

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