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Sluggo is a truly organic compound used to control both slugs and snails. Its active ingredient is iron phosphate, an organic compound that breaks down into fertilizer. Unlike common metaldehyde baits, which are quite toxic to animals, Sluggo can be used around pets and wildlife without adverse effects. It also remains effective even after rainfall or irrigation. Sluggo is also approved for use on fruit or vegetable gardens at all times, right up to harvest. (Metaldehyde products can only be used until fruit begins to form on plants.) Any Sluggo not eaten by slugs or snails biodegrades back into the soil as iron & phosphate fertilizer.

Sluggo is attractive to snails and slugs and lures them from their hiding places. Once eaten by the snail or slug, they stop eating and die within 3-6 days. Unlike metaldehyde, dead snails may not be visible since they crawl away to hide and die. Sluggo is slower acting than metaldehyde, but once eaten, the snails and slugs stop feeding so damage to the plants stops immediately.

Use 1 lb. of Sluggo per 1,000 square feet (1 teaspoon per square yard). Re-apply as bait is consumed.

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